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Facilities Management

Add Value to Your Business

Outsourcing adds value to many organisations by allowing them to concentrate on what they do best — look after their core business. Rentokil, together with other companies in our group, provides a full range of facilities management services, from pro–active commercial pest control to washroom services and maintenance of the plants in your office.

Facilities Management  | Rentokil Pest Control Zambia

Our pest management services are delivered in a number of different ways, to suit individual business needs. Where your commercial pest control needs are simple, our Pestguard Plus Service includes an agreed number of visits that you may use as you wish. Other businesses will take advantage of our highly–regarded Pest Prevention Service, where regular scheduled visits from pest control Service Technicians help keep pest threats to a minimum. One clever new device even sends our technicians a text message alert if a pest is detected on your premises.

Rentokil pest control allows you to determine and specify the level of service you require. We'll even provide online reporting for at–a–glance analysis of the incidents you've faced, and how our protection has responded.

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