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International Pest Control Services

Rentokil Pest Control has 6,500 colleagues operating across 44 countries in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and The Pacific. No other pest control company has our international reach and the ability to deliver a consistent service model around the world.

While the type of pests and their activity may vary across countries and in different climates, the principles that define a high standard of pest control remain broadly the same. This allows us to develop and share best practice across our businesses.

This international reach and our common approach to pest control allow Rentokil to develop and deliver service programmes for international customers who are looking to apply common hygiene standards across their country operations.

While compliance and accreditation schemes vary from country to country (AIB, ISO, BRC, etc), we ensure that Rentokil technicians always have the skills and tools to meet the most demanding of customer requirements and standards.

If you would like to talk to a Key Account Manager about how we can deliver a consistent service across your international locations or if you are moving into a new country and you would like our advice, please call us on +255 22 2126005.