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Vole Control

Danger Signs:

  • Holes in areas of open land.
  • Long, flat mounds of earth, appearance of burrow entrances.
  • Soft, spongy earth.
  • Subsiding stone slabs.
  • Signs of gnawing on roots and bark, perishing plants.

Potential Harm:

  • Untreated vole infestation leads to:
  • Damage to cultivated land.
  • Holes in the ground that present a hazard for people and animals.
  • Loss of crops.

Business Consequences

  • Expensive reconstruction of damaged parkland and gardens.
  • Loss of plants and young trees due to root damage.
  • Serious risk of accident! Loss of membership and user fees for sports and leisure facilities, claims for damages.
  • Voles intruding into buildings can damage goods, foodstuffs, and your good reputation.

Steps to take:

  • Use Rentokil burrow fumigation to combat voles quickly and safely without the need for poisonous bait.
  • Arrange removal of severe infestations with baits, RADAR traps, and snap- or live traps installed by qualified Rentokil technicians.
  • Get rodent-proofing and architectural advice for your premises.
  • Schedule regular rodent control visits for the prevention/early identification of further outbreaks.


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