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Keeping Healthcare Facilities Free of Pests

Pest control has an important role in preventing secondary infection in hospitals, surgeries and nursing homes.

By their nature, healthcare facilities are busy places and it is difficult to prevent rodents, flies, cockroaches and other insects from entering the building and thriving with the food and warmth they can find there.

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These pests are a serious threat in every environment, but in primary healthcare, the risk of cross-contamination is acute.

As the leading expert in pest control, Rentokil has the expertise to deliver the highest level of reassurance against pests while being sensitive to the special needs of working in a healthcare environment. Our technicians are trained to ensure they maintain the highest standards in hygiene to avoid cross-contamination, they are sensitive to the impact of being seen in public areas and they will only use products that are appropriate for the environment. In particular, Rentokil’s range of non-toxic treatments can be used in high-sensitivity areas where traditional toxic products would be inappropriate.

Rentokil Pest Control has been working with hospital trusts and other healthcare providers for many years to anticipate and prevent potential pest risks. Our approach is to develop a resilient cordon around the perimeter of healthcare facilities, use bait stations in higher risk areas and monitor and respond to any signs of incursion.

If there is a problem, our rapid response commitment will mean that your technician will be with you quickly and deal with the pest. They will identify the root cause of the infestation and will advise on how to ensure that the problem will not come back.

To find out more about how we can deal with any pest problem or prevent them occurring in your hospital, clinic or nursing home, please call us on +255 22 2126005 to arrange a visit by a key account manager who understands the needs of healthcare facilities.