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Wall–to–Wall Protection from Pests

There are a lot of pests out there looking for new homes. So when you are planning or realising building projects you have to make sure you do not attract the wrong type of residents. Construction Sites, however large or small, are a haven for Rats and Mice and their presence can cause distress to people as well as damage to the fabric and foundations of buildings. Any surface or material rodents come in to contact with is contaminated by their urine and hair and the possible cause of disease.
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Wood-destroying pests such as the house longhorn beetle, woodworm, powder-post beetle, deathwatch beetle and dry rot fungus can seriously reduce the value of a house or building. The damage can go as far as the complete destruction of supporting structures. Our experts are trained in all aspects of wood-protection: proactive, constructive or curative.

Pigeons are particularly destructive on the exteriors of buildings. Their droppings are rich in nitric acid which can ruin sandstone, stucco, anodised metal surfaces, timber framing and other cladding materials; they also corrode roofs. Our bird proofing systems prevent pigeons from settling on typical roosting places such as cornices, attics, ledges, window sills, etc. And, no matter how complicated the cladding structure is, we can make the proofing almost invisible. Bird fouling is also a problem because it can make pavements, yards and scaffolding extremely hazardous and could result in a serious accident.

Planning on renovating an old building or loft? Many architects have experienced unpleasant surprises after the building work is finished: pigeon ticks attack people when their usual hosts are missing. Our Argascube pigeon tick detector helps you identify an infestation before you start work so you can avoid being sued for damages and costly clean-ups.

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