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Mining & Quarrying

Avoid mining for pests

Mining is a fundamental commodity as it contributes substantially to our economic growth. With the rapid increase in demand for these resources, development in this industry has boomed. Managing your risk effectively, is a key factor to achieving sustainability and profitability.

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Rentokil Pest Control has years of experience and technical expertise which allows us to tailor make a package to suit your business. Health and Safety in the mining industry is an integral part of your business operations. Protecting your employees from hazardous conditions and environments are fully embedded in your policies.

Rentokil Pest Control strives to protect work place environments by keeping your premises pest free. Our products and services are comprehensive, innovative and environmentally compatible. Your tailor made solution will provide you with re-assurance that health and safety in the work environment is compliant.

Protecting your employees from diseases that are spread by pests can be a daunting task.

Keeping pests out, requires an integrated management system, which will manage your risk consistently. The mining environment is generally faced  with many hazardous elements  - don't let pests be one of them. The use of safe and effective products is essential in ensuring that your environment is safe and secure for your employees to operate optimally.

At Rentokil we understand your needs – we make health and safety our priority