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European Brown Snail

Helix Aspersa


European Brown Snail Image  | Rentokil Pest Control Zambia
  • Adults - 28-35 mm. Weight of 7-15 g. Shell is brown.


  • They are hermaphrodites, producing both spermatozoa and ova; but cross-fertilisation usually takes place.
  • Each brood may consist of between 30 and 120 eggs which take 2 weeks to hatch. The shells of hatchlings are both fragile and translucent.
  • It can take two years to reach full maturity.


  • Most native species can be found under logs and rocks, in leaf litter or under tree bark.
  • During humid weather they are found foraging for food or looking for mates.
  • They can damage leaves and fruit by producing irregular holes.