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Crane Fly

Tipulidae oleracea


Crane Fly  | Rentokil Pest Control Zambia
  • Adult – 60mm long (wingspan 75mm). They are grey–brown and slender. Their legs are super–thin and long.
  • Larvae – 15–75mm. They are worm–like and grey, brown or cream–coloured.


  • Eggs are laid over the water of a pond or lake, or on the vegetation near the lake shore and hatch after about six weeks.
  • The larvae live in the water or in moist soil for up to five years depending on the species.
  • In the spring the larvae pupate and then emerge as adults.


  • As adults they neither feed, bite nor sting.
  • The larvae, called leatherjackets, consume roots (such as garden lawns) and other vegetation.