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Remote Monitoring (pestconnect)

24/7 Electronic Surveillance

Pestconnect harnesses the power of wireless technology to monitor your antipest protection cordon. Every ten minutes the central control unit on your premises interrogates all the remote pest monitoring and elimination points as to their status. Any pest activity is picked up and reported within minutes. And if a detector has caught something — a rodent, for instance — both you and Rentokil receive email notification of the fact. The Rentokil Service Technician assigned to you even receives a text message on his mobile phone to let him know the detector needs servicing and resetting.

pestconnect delivers:

  • 24/7/365 active monitoring of your intrusion, detection and prevention measures
  • Early warning of any intrusions means you can maintain a virtually pest free environment at all times
  • Highly visible, auditable pest management protection clearly demonstrating due diligence to regulators and customers
  • The reassurance that your most sensitive operating areas remain pestfree
  • Swift response from our Technicians in the event of any activity
  • Reduces the need to use toxic pesticides in highrisk areas.

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