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Rodent Bait Stations

Rodent Control That's Safe For Everyone, Except Rats And Mice

Rodent Bait Stations  | Rentokil Pest Control Zambia

Rodent Bait Stations — rodent control that's safe for everyone, except rats and mice. If you've got a problem with rats and mice and want to lay bait for them it's vital that the rodenticides you use don't cause harm to anyone else. Rentokil has a wide range of tamper resistant bait stations, many of which we developed ourselves. Each is clearly labelled, stating its purpose and what it contains. Our tamper resistant bait stations are designed to admit rats and mice, but not inquisitive pets or children. Using carefully marked tamper resistant bait stations laid in recorded locations for rodent control:

  • Protects your business against litigation, lost profits and damaged reputation
  • Ensures your rodent control complies with health and safety regulations
  • Keeps staff, customers and members of the public safe from inadvertent harm

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