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Like all service businesses, Rentokil is only as good as our people. Rentokil pest control training is widely acknowledged to be the best you can get, and our staff also have experience in dealing with the needs of almost every type of business, in many different sectors. Once you sign a service agreement with Rentokil you'll find yourself in the hands of dedicated pest control specialists.

Research & Development

See what our clever scientists have come up with lately.

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Service Technicians

In the forefront of the battle to get rid of Tanzania's pests you'll find our dedicated Service Technicians. Highly trained, fully equipped, these pest control specialists already have experience of businesses similar to yours. Many of our customers find the advice and insights they provide invaluable.

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High Dependency Service Technician

These highly trained technicians are fully trained to meet the requirements of high dependency sectors, where pest prevention is vital to protect brand and customer loyalty.

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Field Biologists

Supporting Service Technicians come our dedicated team of Field Biologists. Scientifically trained to a high degree, Field Biologists are expert in carrying out in–depth inspections of your premises and operations, and making highly practical recommendations.

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Quality Assurance Managers

In line with our commitment to deliver the highest quality service to our customers our Quality Assurance Managers are the 'best in the business' and use their extensive expertise to ensure delivery of a service to meet all our customers requirements.

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